“I chose my child’s first school based on their fundraising committee”

Someone told me this a few weeks ago and the more I think about it, the more it starts to make sense.

As a mother of 2 children now in years 11 & 8, here’s what I’ve learnt – it doesn’t matter if your child is in the top reading group or the bottom, by the time they reach secondary school the whole class will be reading the same novel, they will all be working from the same text books and sitting the same tests. In a nutshell, what we as parents concern ourselves with about little Johnny’s reading ability today will be forgotten about tomorrow, because little Johnny WILL learn to read, he WILL get to write with a pen and he WILL learn his times tables…. at.his.own.pace!

We’re not talking Universities here, we’re talking about Primary school.  So, if the academics are a given what should we be looking for? Check out the fundraising & events! You’ll gain a huge insight into the spirit of the school by the events it holds and the participation of its parents.

Do you want little Johnny to be part of a large Corporate atmosphere or a small community minded team. As you walk around the school for your tour, take special notice of the upcoming events, from art shows to trivia nights & country fairs, they tell a lot about the school and if you see a copy of the school Newsletter grab a copy, that will tell you how ticket sales (aka parent participation) are traveling. From this, you also get an idea of how friendly the school community is likely to be.

THIS may be the environment that helps raise your child because it really does take a village – now what do you think? 💖

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