As easy As, Hot..Cross..Buns..

2013-03-29-r-hot-cross-bunsWhilst i’ve directed this post towards school fundraising, it can easily be adapted to community fundraising.  I once worked in an office of 113 staff, it would have been very profitable to hold a Hot Cross Bun Drive, so if your volunteering at a school or for a charity event, get planning….

Children across the country are getting ready to head back to school and parents are getting ready to jump into the fray for another year, soon parent helpers will be nominated, class parents will be appointed and the school fundraising committee will have their first meeting.

I know many committees stick to what they know and have specific events each term – i.e., Easter.  Odds are, your term 1 initiative will have a chocolate or bunny theme!!  Personally, this one is MY favourite;


Lets take a closer look at what’s involved…

There’s a good reason supermarkets put out their hot cross buns in January, immediately after Christmas / New Year – a whole 3 MONTHS before Easter – Why? – Because they sell!

Who doesn’t like a hot cross bun with a dollop of butter, maybe toasted, maybe not, with fruit or without and then there’s the chocolate variety!  Are you salivating yet?

You’ll need…

  • A local bakery that will give you a great price in exchange for big sales.

DIVA TIP: Bakers Delight run fundraising drives – Sell a 6 pack of hot cross buns for $7 and $2.50 gets donated back to the school (or group).  They supply flyers and order forms so all the work is done for you! check with your local store first, as Bakers Delight are franchises.

  • Design your flyers & order forms and a spreadsheet to collate the information.
  • One order form per family and encourage orders from extended family and friends.
  •  Make sure you arrange a suitable return date that gives you plenty of time to collate your orders and get them to the bakery.
  • Check your order and then check it again!  I don’t want to be you if a 6 year old misses out because of your mistake!

DIVA TIP: As forms are handed in, ask the teacher to mark off a student list and follow up with any that haven’t been returned.  Once complete, attach order forms to student list and highlight or tick as they are input to spreadsheet.  Use this once again to sort buns once received.

  • Get your order forms to the bakery by an agreed date and make sure you pick up on an agreed date.
  • Now comes the biggest work load – put orders into plastic shopping bags and staple each child’s order form to the front.  Deliver to the classrooms.

Estimated Profit: $2.50 per packet (a primary school of 500 children can expect approximately $5,000 with only 4 packets each!  I’d think it wouldn’t be inconceivable to double that profit and make $10,000

What’s YOUR favourite Easter fundraiser??

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