“With A Little Help From My Friends…”


Mr Teenager just turned 16, got his Learners Permit and of course, wanted to celebrate.  I think the last party he had was his 13th and in 3 very short years, my child’s wants had changed considerably.  A couple of mates over for a BBQ turned into 65 people with a house full of bodies scattered from room to room the following morning (but that’s another story!).

Like a rolling snowball, this BBQ was fast getting out of hand, and for a moment I wished that I could just cancel the whole thing.  I didn’t quite know where to start, how much food to serve etc, all I know is that 6ft 3, 16yr old boys eat A LOT.

The day went great, but a HUGE thank you goes out to my friends, who all pitched in and made salads, fruit platters, cheese platters and more and more, it didn’t go unnoticed that just like when I plan a fundraising event, I can’t do it all alone – neither can any of us.

So, the moral of the story is don’t try to do it all yourself, you’re likely to burn out.  Enlist a “little help from your friends” and your event, no matter what it is, will run so much smoother.  Allocate jobs to individuals so that everyone knows who’s doing what and you’ll get to enjoy yourself too! 💋

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